Drone Smarter - 4k Aerial Video & Photos from Minneapolis MN Company

Bring your organization to new heights with 4k aerial video & photography.


35% of all "luxury" home sales in 2016 will include drone footage


95% of real estate drone footage acquired through outside vendors like Drone Smarter


95% of Youtube views come from just 5% of uploaded videos - emphasizes importance of video quality


100% customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Founder Details:
  • Years in the photography industry: 9
  • Years in the video production industry: 3
  • Aerial video filmmaking skills: 100%
  • Aerial photography skills: 85%
  • Video Editing Skills 92%
  • Aerial Photo Editing Skills 95%

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Drone Smarter is an aerial video and photo product of Provid Films – a Minneapolis based full service video production company.